I’ve been learning Chinese with Mrs. Yang at “Zhong Shan Zhong Wen Xue Xiao” for almost three years. My teacher is always enthusiastic, dedicated, flexible, and great at making us practice what we have learned. I am very impressed with her ability to teach.    
I really enjoy every minute of the classes and feel very good about the progress I have made. I would recommend this school to anyone wishing to learn Chinese and have fun at the same time.

   Yung Le, Houston


I am a mental health therapist in Houston and, as someone who enjoys and appreciates Chinese culture, I can state unequivocally that the learning environment at Zhong Shan Chinese School offers a unique opportunity to learn Chinese and gain a better understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture.  I have been learning Chinese for a year and a half at Zhong Shan School.  I have learned more than I ever thought I could in that short period.  I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher than Helen Yang.  She is a skilled professional who imparts enthusiasm for teaching, fosters appreciation of the Chinese language, and conveys genuine interest in improving her students’ language skills.  Her honest approach to teaching is refreshing.  I feel lucky to have come across the right Chinese school and to have such a dedicated teacher as Mrs. Yang teaching me Chinese.
                                                           Anthony Millon  
I have been going to ZhongShan Chinese School for a couple of years and I am completely satisfied with my progress there.  Previously I had attended other Chinese schools, but I did not find them as effective.  With ZhongShan Chinese School, there is more utilizationn of the Chinese language.  I feel that ZhongShan Chinese School is perfect for anyone who plans on traveling to, doing business in China, or anyone who just wants to learn the language and culture of China.

Sandor Czako
Both my children, Daniel (16 years old) and Annie(13 years old), have studied Chinese in Zhong Shan Chinese School for the past 5 years. The school is excellent for its small classes, excellent  teachers, and affordable tuition. 
Most of their classes have less than 10 students. Therefore, it provides ample time for the teacher to pay close attention to each individual student in and out of the class. My kids love their teacher, and I believe that is a key for them to enjoy their study and to have effective communication with their teacher. The teachers in this school all speak excellent English and Chinese. They all have ample teaching experience and a student-friendly, professional attitude. The cost of study for each school year is much lower than other Chinese schools in the area. In the current economic downtime, it is really a big plus as well. I highly recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn Chinese.


May name is Pat Palanuporn and I have had two kids studying in this school over the last two years. I first heard about the school from a friend of mine who gave me a pamphlet about it. I called and visited the school and found the staff and administration to be immensely helpful and accommodating. When I enrolled my children in the schools I found out how wonderful and supportive the faculty was. Before going coming to this school my children did not know how to read, write, or even speak Mandarin. The teachers worked hard and were continuously pushing my children to become more proficient and improve. They inputted a great deal of effort, working with the children not only in class but keeping in touch by phone. I was very impressed with the effort and dedication shown by the staff and with the knowledge gained and progress made by my children because of that. I am very pleased with the school and with my experience with it. I am highly appreciative and would highly recommend this school to anyone.  

Pat Palanuporn

My name is Thinh Quach. I am currently a sophomore in the University of Houston. Learning Mandarin has always been one of my dreams. The school helped me to take the first step toward my goal. The time of the classes is very convenient that almost everyone can fit into their busy schedule. Besides that, the environment that the school offers is phenomenal. The facility is not the only thing that is great about the school, the staff and faculty are also amazing. The teachers are very professional, they are on top of their teachings, helping each individual student by varying their methods, and at the same time, they make the classroom very enjoyable. I can talk so much about the things I have learned from the school but the best way is to experience it. Give yourself a chance to get into this great experience and hopefully we will be schoolmates the next coming semester!"   

     Thinh Quach
With small classes taught by native Chinese speakers, the Zhongshan School offers an effective, affordable opportunity to learn to speak Mandarin Chinese.  I have benefited from Zhongshan School Chinese classes. 

 Richard Dole, Professor of Law, University of Houston
中 山 中 文 学 校